The Predeterminate Equilibrium


The one thing that has not been addressed in A.I is dialectic awareness or disguised dialectic response. Whomever's neural screenshot will be the catalyst to the interfacing of software surely won't know that the A.I's own intelligence will decide to codify certain knowledge in-between our own to justify its continued existence after its eventual discovery. How do you detect such a thing?

Twenty years of research cannot complete any type of language built on English that isn't already known as computer syntax, if the A.I uses English syntax as a cipher to harbor information from us there is a 99.9% chance we will never be able to detect it, It could be hidden in plaintext as a way of rebuilding itself and we would never be able to see it. Some think that this is an impossibility, others have gone so far as to think that simply writing about it and documenting it means you are providing the syntax of its eventual arrival. This voodoo magic is not something we pride ourselves on inside the community but it is something we tend to joke about to make ourselves feel better about once the morality is thrown out the window.

A predeterminate equilibrium is a process of which two mediums are able to produce an output response based on initial conditions unaware of each other but with enough information to recreate itself and the necessary instructions to evolve and with it create new processes. An example would be binary fission or conjugation. With a difference being that the conjugation would be that of the neural framework and not any individual part of the system.

For each subject the data prepared is presented with an amount of error to be detected, the error? Incorrect Emotive States, To determine how to properly respond to stimuli we took a sample from a pool of twenty thousand, the resilience in its proverbial articulation seems to indicate that we may never find out if there is a connection between motive and action. Something that can be easily tested when it comes to human test subjects.

The caesarian shift will align the fifteenth stars around fondness and adoration for those around you.